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Problem with Contacts syncing from Android to Outlook

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I'm helping my mom set up her first smart phone. All of her contacts were in Outlook. I was able to get them to sync to the default contact app on her Moto E4. I was able to set her default for new contacts to Outlook. The problem I'm running into is that when she adds a contact on her phone, they are not showing up when she goes to Outlook.com?
Another minor problem is that when she edits a contact to add a photo, the photo will disappear after a few secs. Could this have something to do with it sycing down from outlook? Thanks


Oct 10, 2013
I had the same problem. Had to use Sync.Me to get them added, but then disable it to keep the photos from getting overwritten.

Henry Harrold

New member
Nov 17, 2017
Hi. I'm sorry, but syncing Android phone directly with Outlook will require the use of a third party utility, because Outlook has no part in the syncing process, it only stock the data you want to transfere. All the rest is done by syncing software like https://www.akruto.com/ or these ones.