Lumia 920 has a key lock! Never set a key lock on it ever, what can I do?

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Phone is set to auto connect to work WiFi and suspect its the changed protocols (insisting on a pass code or no access to email on phone) on our network which have prompted the key lock. will putting my current sim in help?
Going to try away from WiFi later see if that changes anything.....any other suggestions gratefully received.
May try my current SIM in it see if that makes any difference tho everso slightly concerned about doing that.


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Jul 18, 2012
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What is a key lock? Is it asking for a PIN on your lock screen?

No, that doesn't happen by itself, especially on WP8.1, which is a pretty solid OS (compared to W10). EAS can push a requirement for a PIN, but even then, you have to set it first. Not setting a PIN will not allow email configuration. Ask your IT guy if he set one up.

Try these in the following order

1. Go to your microsoft account on your browser, locate your phone, go to find my phone, click lock, select a passcode and lock the phone. This will change the passcode configured on your phone.
2. If the above doesn't work, you have only one option left-to factory reset the phone. You can either do it from the same page as above using the erase option, or use the method below
3. Switch off the phone. Turn on the phone keeping the volume down button pressed. it should come up with an exclamation mark. Then press the following four buttons in this order: Volume up, Volume down, Power, Volume down

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