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Lumia 925 : GPS Issues ?

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I've had this Lumia 925 for 2y now, I've never been happy with the GPS signal, but lately I'm pretty pissed off by it.

The major issues I have with that are:
- it takes ages to find the position while I'm moving. And it doesn't matter whether I'm walking or running or driving a car.
- if it has a locked position, it drops is quite happily (while running outside in the park!), even an incoming message will disrupt it
- I've compared side by side with my wife's 720 gps while travelling on the train. Her GPS was strong solid and following, while my GPS was stuck at the start station for good 5 minutes. we both have the same operator.

When the gps signal is dropped while driving a car it never or very rarely recovers. Also when using a sports tracking app, then 75% of the results are useless.

Does anyone have the same experience?



Jan 27, 2014
Had my 925 for a year and it seemed to respond quite fast.. Maybe a sensor is off?