Lumia 950, Continuum Dock, Mozo Cases, and More

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Sep 29, 2011
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Item Description: Microsoft Lumia 950, Continuum Dock, Mozo Cases, and More

Price: $200, shipped in the Lower 48

Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: AT&T, Unlocked

Condition: The phone is in good condition. Put the tempered glass screen protector on as soon as I got it. There is a chip in the screen protector shown in the pictures, but the screen does not have any cracks, chips, or scratches. The phone works perfectly, and is on the latest Insider Fast Ring. I can restore it to release ring before shipping if wanted. The brown leather Mozo cover on the phone shows wear around the edges. This is one of the newer cases where the finish wears off. I am also including an older style Mozo brown leather. This is new, but there are defects and scratches in the leather, but this is the kind where the silver "plating" doesn't rub off in a matter of days. I have used the Continuum dock for a few months off and on, but it is also in great condition. (How can it not be, it just sits on a desk). The rest of the items and conditions are listed below.

Includes: Phone, charger, 2x Mozo cognac leather cover, Mozo zebra wood cover (new), 2x Mr. Shield tempered glass screen protector (1 installed), 1 additional tempered glass screen protector (unsure of the brand), 6’ USB Type C cable, 3’ USB Type C cable, USB C OTG adapter (Plug full size USB accessories/flash drives into the phone USB Type C), Continuum dock (with power cable, and USB Type C cable), wireless charging pad (with Micro USB cable), 1 spare OEM battery, 2 black OEM back covers (1 has a crack near the volume buttons. I was going to take the NFC and Qi pads from this cover to use with a colorful ebay type cover, but never got around to it).

Item Location: Carlisle, PA

Shipping Details: USPS with tracking

Payment Options: Paypal gift is preferred. If you use PayPal goods instead, please add 3% fee to the price.

Additional Info:

Photos: See Below

Contact Info - Please PM or post below


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