Lumia Icon Insider Update stalls at 95% download

Tim Stone

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Jul 29, 2014
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I did a complete clean install ( Windows Device Recovery Utility ) of my Icon, and then put it on the Insider Fast track.* ( It was there previously but was failing to update ).* Then I have allowed it to do the updates sequentially.

It told me that 15051 is available, and it automatically started to install it.* However, it has stopped at 95% downloaded. After several hours of patience, I tried rebooting, and restarting, but it goes to that spot and stops every time. In addition, I have tried a hard reboot.

The phone is totally clean. Only default apps were on it, and other than the Wi-Fi, nothing has been setup ( no accounts, etc except for my MSFT account and the Insider app / selection ). In essence, it's like a new phone.

How can we move beyond this. I've posted to the Microsoft Support page, and they said post to the Feedback page. Many people have had the same problem with various versions, and not one Microsoft response in either Support or Feedback. This has gone on for phones for a year and is continually ignored.

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Nate Silver

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Dec 14, 2014
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Unfortunately, I don't know of any help, but I hope someone else can assist. I can tell you that on my Icon, the latest fast ring build (15063) seems to have the old girl running better than she has in years. I had to hard reset after install in order to get bluetooth working, but other than that its been really good. Sadly no longer my daily driver, but I keep updating it as a backup, and occasionally use it for a day or two for old times sake.

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