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lumia950-latest update-no network

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I am on the latest insider fast ring. After updating this last round, starting yesterday my phone would turn off and not turn on until a battery pull. Then eventually after several times of that, I am stuck with "no network found". I pulled the sim, started up..."no sim". put it back in "no network found". I figured time for a hard reset. Same result, no network. I thought maybe I can roll back with device recovery tool. All that does is restart the phone after its detected (detects it properly) then when the phone finishes restart the DRT says "could not read productcode or producttype". I also tried a brand new sim as the att store had no interest in doing anything but getting me to buy out one of my contracts and get a new phone. any ideas?? Thanks!


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Mar 21, 2017

Shutdown your Lumia 950. Use My device was not detected option of Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) software, then connect your Lumia 950 to your PC.

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