|MalROM| v1.0 WM6.5.3 (28014) for Sprint

Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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|MalROM| v1.5b WM6.5/6.5.3 + Sense 2.1 (Sprint, Verizon, Telus)

|| MalROM v1.5 b6 ||
(Sprint, Verizon, Telus)
Now with XDA_UC Support!
WM6.5.3 w/Threaded Email--See Video



This is my own custom ROM that I have been working on in private for a few weeks. I get a lot of requests to share my setups and ROM preferences, so here you go.

This ROM has a lot of custom tweaks and optimizations meant to make the device as quick as possible (listed below). In fact, I think you'll be quite surprised at how responsive it by way of comparison.

It was built on a heavily modified SSK (Scott's Simply Kitchen), so please feel free to donate to him for providing that platform. I also borrowed a few ingredients from Calkulin's kitchen. Having said that, a majority of what was done to this ROM is not found in either.

This ROM has been beta tested by numerous folks over the last few weeks, notably BigD5, who was indispensable for feedback. I'd also like to thank Fards, Mr. Makk and especially Redd214 & Rawdikrik (for custom Action Screen).

||MalROM: WM6.5 or WM6.5.3 w/Sense 2.1||

January 14, 2010
Now with XDA_UC Support!
WM6.5.3 w/Threaded Email--See Video
Hot fix for WM6.5.3 builds (both) and WM6.5 + Sense 2.1
[!] Fixed Start menu distortion in 6.5.3 build when changing .tsk
[!] Fixed Manila Start Menu/Programs Tab in 6.5.3 build
[+] Tapping upper Left corner displays Manila Start Menu
January 13th​
[+] Wm6.5 build 21889
[+] WM6.5.3 build 23518 ([URL="http://www.wmexperts.com/latest-version-outlook-features-threaded-email-messages"]w/threaded Email[/URL])
[+] Increased RAM/ROM (~91MB/269MB; 6.5.3 has ~85MB RAM)
[+] Manila color icons, Background4All, red notifications, etc.
[+] Fixed KB mapping issue
[+] Reduced graphics flicker
[+] VoiceCommand v1.6.21889/v1.6.23518
[-] ClearTemp
[-] Xtraxt Game
[-] HTC Rhodium Tool
[#] Downgraded HTC Album back to 3.0
January 12th, 2010​
WM6.5 21888; WM6.5.3 28014
Manila 2.1 [+ 2.5 Email Tab] (thanks Caulkin)
Verizon OEM Drivers
WM6.5 bumped to build 21888
Updated HTC packages (Leo, 1921)
Updated Album to 3.2 (Facebook, YouTube)
[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=562568"]XDA_UC Support[/URL] for all versions
LZX Compressed Files
Update Lock Screen: Leo Style for 6.5.3; Ahen for 6.5
Fixed MMS Link in Action Screen
Fixed Manila "Messages Tab": centering in landscape
Fixed Tap-to-add Contact-info (Email, SMS)
Fixed Start Menu distortion on switching .tsk (WM6.5)
Added X2 Direct3D Driver (replaces Chainfire 1.1)
Added Nitrogen Player + Skin (must run twice the 1st time!)
Removed Manila customizations (left up to user)
More speed/memory optimizations--yes, it's even faster now
Power tweak

January 3rd, 2010​
New - Sprint, Verizon, Telus carrier .cabs (\My Documents\MalROM)
New - Y2016 SMS Bug workaround (thanks Ziggy)
New - Mapped Action Screen to Titanium RKey; 
New - Custom Themes (.tsk)
New - Email delete-warning off
New - RSS Hub w/kinetic scrolling (thanks Mighty Mike)
New - VoiceRecorder 2.0.1921
New - Rhodium Settings Tool
Removed - More SYS files
Fixed - aGPS settings
Fixed - Vibrate + Ring sticking after reset (Optional .cab)
Fixed - Typing lag in SMS/Outlook
Updated - Manila 2.1.1920.3317
Updated - Action Screen: BT Toggle/new graphics (thanks rawdikrik)
Updated - Default Theme (.tsk)
Updated - AudioBooster 2.5.1919
Updated - CleanRAM 1.92
Updated - In Call Recorder 1.1 1919.3323
Updated - New Action Screen + Power Button (hold for 3 seconds)
Adjusted - XIP

[B]Manila 2.1 Changes[/B]
Color "Settings Tab" Icons
Disabled Manila SMS
Added Manila Start Menu (optional: \My Documents\MalROM)
Clear Manila Start Menu
Background 4 All + Weather
No Mail Envelope

>>Download MalROM 1.5 b6 WM6.5 w/ Sense 2.1<<
[Titanium Only Version] / [Titanium Mirror]

>>Download MalROM 1.5 b6 WM6.5.3 w/ Sense 2.1<<
[Titanium Only] / [Titanium Mirror]

[See here for experimental Sense 2.5 and WM6.5 build]

[Buy me a beer for my work?]
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Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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- WM6.5.3 build 28014 (December 8, 2009)
- Manila 2.1.19202517
- 85-90MB of RAM
- ~230MB free storage
[B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]System Optimizations and included tweaks:[/COLOR][/B]
- System Caches = dynamic/enhanced
- Selective software compression
- Loud alerts/ringers/speakerphone
- Enhanced graphic processing (At0mAng D3D; GfxBoost v1.2)
- GPS: faster acquisition, more accurate, less lag
- TCP/IP tweaks + Internet speed enhancements
- Opera 10 performance enhancements; auto-rotate
- Battery poll interval decreased
- Power managements enabled
- In-call alerts silenced
- In-call volume beeps silenced
- Outlook Reply All/Reply fix
- Max Touch screen sensitivity
- ClearType in Landscape
- Rapid Battery Charge (nueBattery2)
- Adobe PDF text re-flow enabled
- In-call recording pre-installed (Advanced Version)
- Disabled Slide to wakeup
- Silenced PhoneOn/PhoneOff sound
- Windows Media Player tweaks
- "Bouncy" WM6.5 Start menu (thanks Mr. Makk)
- Fast End-call
- Dynamic/Blinking Charge icon
- SMS/Email wall background (thanks Mr. Makk)
- SMS 3 Row input
[B][COLOR="Red"]Manila Changes:[/COLOR][/B]
- CFC Compressed
- Enabled "Be Polite" ringer option
- BG4ALL + Weather
- Hero default wallpaper (thanks Invade)
- Settings Tab/Communications Color Icons
- Clear Mail Envelope
- Red alert bubbles (thanks cmylxgo)
- TouchFLO speed enhancements
- TouchFLO vibrate feedback off
- Flip Clock Fix (thanks apristel)
- HTC Push Internet Removed/Off
- Top/Bottom Curtain removed  (thanks apristel)
- Black Slider
- Transparent 4-day weather (thanks Invade)
- Disabled HTC Message
- Transparent Sense Weather background
[B][COLOR="Blue"]Included Software[/COLOR][/B]
- Opera 10 b2 (system default browser)
- Skyfre 1.5
- Office 10 Beta
- One Note
- Theme: amarultzGreenBlack (modified w/ Livven)
- Bootpackage v1.3 (thanks Wajk)
- Sony X2 Task Manager
- HTC Calculator v1.1
- Marketplace
- My Phone (v1.05.2410)
- Google Maps v3.2.1
- Bing (good version)
- .NET CF 3.5
- CleanRAM v1.9
- GrooveFish (working)
- QuickGPS
- AudioBooster
- Adobe Reader
- Xtrakt (game)
- 22 HQ Wallpapers
- e-Natives Position fix
- Wifi Tethering
- VoiceCommand 1.6.28008
- 22 HQ Wallpapers
- Custom SMS, Email, Ringer & Calendar alerts (pre-set)
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Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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Installation Instructions
  1. Your device requires HSPL Unlocking, Please read here before downloading
  2. Download the file to your PC (link from first post)
  3. Connect phone to PC via Activesync/WMDC
  4. Make sure all device settings (Contacts, SMS, etc) are backed up
  5. Unzip contents to a directory
  6. Run Custom_RUU.exe and follow on screen instructions

Recommended Add-on: HTC Action Screen (modified by Redd214)
  1. Now in ROM with v1.1!

Add in Sprint TV

  • Download Sprint TV.cab and MrX Sprint .cab (attached) and install both

Known Bugs
  • Opera in TouchFLO Internet Tab has "local host" error upon 1st opening
  • Occasional graphic glitches related to WM6.5.x
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Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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Give it a try people its really not that hard to load a ROM just be sure you have your TP2 unlocked and ready to load. This ROM is smooth, fast and very stable I have been using it for a couple of week in one form or another and this final release is great. I have tested many different ROMs from all the big name chefs and this ROM by far is the fastest and most stable that I have seen. So if you are a first time flasher or an addict like me you will like the speed jump you get with this ROM. Good luck and happy flashing
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Dec 21, 2009
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After listening to the latest podcast, I decided to try flashing for the first time using your rom. All appears to have gone fine. I guess I am a flasher now.

So after a flash, I can then reinstall any apps like Kinoma? I installed most of my apps to the storage card thinking I was save space. I didn't realize the program memory area is separate. Any apps installed on the storage card also need to be re-installed, right?
And probably on the device instead now?

Thanks for the great work.


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Dec 22, 2009
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Hi all, thanks for having me. This is my first WM phone and after a couple of months of use I decided to try a flash.

Worked flawlessly and really like the new look. It does seem a good bit faster on most things and I'm glad all of the unwanted apps are no longer there. Lots of extra storage for stuff I DO want !

I'll be donating for the hard work ! Thanks !

Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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What can I say about this new version sept WoW! :D:D Loving the threaded email! Mal you have out done yourself this time.

Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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What can I say about this new version sept WoW! :D:D Loving the threaded email! Mal you have out done yourself this time.

But alas, it's not all perfect, lol. Put a hot-fix version (b6) up now. The Manila programs tab/start menu was busted and in 6.5.3, changing the .tsks could cause distortion issues.

It's all good though in the new versions. I hope :eek:


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May 16, 2008
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Mal -
In one of your older roms did the HTC qwerty soft keyboard have the letters appear above the keys when you press them? In the latest rom, with the threaded email, which is killer, the keys don't appear above the "press" anymore?


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Aug 11, 2003

I haven't flashed a rom in a while. Not since I got rid of my touch diamond 6 or 7 months ago. This rom installed easily. Great job Mal!

I was laying in bed after I just put my phone on the charger watching some TV and all of a sudden we hear "Ding, ding do dong" (jetsons door bell I think) and someone say "Oh hell no, whats up dog!" out of the blue. My wife and I looked at each other completely baffled asking what was that. Then I remembered that I had flashed my rom earlier that morning. I grabbed the phone and started flipping through notifications and found it. Very funny Mal. LOL.

I noticed 1 thing. When I press FN + Left Arrow (web). I get and error stating it can't find OperaL. Is there a quick fix or regedit to get it to work with opera 10?



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Feb 12, 2010
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|MalROM| v1.5b WM6.5/6.5.3 - Omnia i8000

Hi, Does this ROM work on the omnia i8000?

I'm fed up with the slow and buggy response of the saumsung apps - mainly messages, and poor multitasking due to low available memory, so would love to switch to this ROM as it sounds the business


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