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Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
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Hands down my favorite feature in Mango is the bluetooth and how they have added features. My favorite is how messages are read over bluetooth and I can reply without even touching my phone. I use a Bose bluetooth Hands free so its not even a stereo bluetooth just a standard hands free. Today I was driving a forklift at fork I got a text from one of my workers over my bluetooth I hear
"You have a text from (Name here) what do you want to do you can say read to read the message or nothing"
I chose and said "Read"
I hear "Are you bust now or can you BS"
Then I hear "You can say reply, call number, or nothing"
I say "reply"
Then I hear "Say Message"
I say "Busy now I will call you later"
The message is repeated to me then "You can say send, cancel, or try again"
I say "Send"

All done in less then 30 seconds and I never took my hands off the Forklift controls didn't have to touch the bluetooth the phone or anything, Best of all the phone screen never even comes on so no worries about the dreaded pocket dial. Way to get it wright Microsoft... :)

What cool new bluetooth features have you guys noticed with the Mango update?

:ninja: Dave


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Jan 11, 2011
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I too love the Voice Text Messaging.....
As I don't have a bluetooth headset at the mo, I set mine too "Always On"; and have the volume on max to hear it in the car!

It's great when it works, but it's also frustrating at the same time when you say "arrive" and it comes up with a random word like "tidy"?!?

But I guess that's a bug in the system with it being a BETA..... I hope that this is sorted in the final release, or even be able to "train" yourphone to your accent; as clearly this might be the problem :)


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Dec 6, 2010
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Was listening to music over some BT headphones and text came through. It asked me if I wanted to read the text. Startled me at first! Nice feature, that I wasn't aware of.

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