McAfee Security Centre and windows remote desktop


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Apr 6, 2020
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OMG it sucks, it so sucks …….. but it’s free and came from my provider so I’m stuck with it! McAfee Security Centre – Ver 16.0 Build # 16.0.R18

I have a PC that PC runs Windows 7 and it does it quite well.

On that PC it has a feature called Remote Desktop Assistance. It’s set under properties of the PC and it set like: The radio button is checked and the level is the less secure one where all versions are allowed. (yes it works fine) I did however change the default TCP port.

However if I turn on the bloody McAfee Firewall it blocks it very well … but I don’t want it too!!! (grin)

So …. open the console, go to PC Security and then open Firewall, then go down to: Internet Connection for Programs.

In there, scroll thru all 678 bits of crap in their from McAfee itself ( guess how impressed we are with that ?) and eventually find a link called: Windows Remote Assistance and then hit edit.

( and because we can’t make the fuggen window bigger ) we have to scroll down to the settings: Edit Program

It says: C:\windows\system32\msra.exe

Then go down more and its says:

Open to all devices and that Net Guard thing is off !!

So there are the screen caps and what I see, so where have a screwed up folks?

Cheers’ Dave

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