Messaging App is driving me crazy!!

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The Messaging App is acting strange, two things happen.

1. When I send a text message and receive a response back - the response gets split into another thread instead of keeping it in the same thread. So for example, say I messaged Jennifer... and then received a response from her. Instead of keeping her response in the one long thread I've maintained on my phone - I now have two. One with everything up until the message I just sent...and the other thread with her latest response. This hasn't happened to just one person on my phone...but now it's happening frequently! I believe this happened once on win 8.1.... but since on win 10 this has been very slowly happening more and more often. Lately - it's been happening WAY too often. Now my messages are getting scattered and it's driving me NUTS!

2. A message disappears. I only noticed this because I was searching for a conversation I had with my friend recently. I remember something she said in our text and when I searched for it I couldn't find it. I found my response to her text....but the actually text response she sent me ... that completely disappeared. But I remember seeing her response distinctly. But's gone.



Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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Is message backup on? If yes, what syncing period has been set up? I'm thinking her message went missing because it was a long time ago

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