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Microsoft already has the tools it needs to address the Windows 'app gap'

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Dec 17, 2013

Microsoft has a problem. In a world where computer programs are essential to personal computing ecosystems, Win32 apps are less relevant, and there's relatively little support for Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
Once upon a time, personal computing was virtually synonymous with Windows. The 16 million Win32 Windows programs that developers created over the life of Microsoft's desktop OS are a testament of this. But nothing lasts forever.

Microsoft's struggling UWP is strategically positioned to address the company's challenges in mobile and to modernize its desktop platform. Its "One Windows" vision creates a shared developer platform, Store and user experience (unlike rivals' multiple OSes for different device types) for all devices.

Microsoft's developer and ecosystem problems affect its entire device family, not just phones. Success or failure with building developer relationships will have a profound impact on Microsoft's personal computing future. It seems, however, that Microsoft isn't utilizing its available tools to their full capacity to address the issue.

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