Microsoft Band 2 to Fitbit Blaze Experience


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Oct 10, 2013
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I have gone through three Microsoft Band 2, the bands always broke. The last one I had, I was able to fix the cracking in the band by using Sugru. Sugru bought me a few more months of usage which was great because I love the band but unfortunately the second major flaw in the band rear it's ugly head. The battery went dead and would not charge. Like I mentioned before I love the band, so I looked online and found instructions on how to replace the battery and also found that I could purchase the battery online.

At this point I just decided to go to the Microsoft store and replace it. Unfortunately, they no longer had them in stock and gave me the option to replace it with a Fitbit Blaze.

From my experience of using the band 2 and now the Fitbit Blaze. I can say that the band 2 was by far more accurate then Blaze. Now, I only used these devices for working out (I only do weights). What I have found is that the Blaze tracks my calorie burn lower then band 2. It would be ok if it was off by 5 or 10 percent but it's tracking my calories burn at difference of abut 40% less. I did some research to find out which device was more accurate and found this video in youtube:

The video found the band 2 to be spot on and fitbit was off by a great amount. I can concur with the video that blaze is not very accurate. I know that the video tested the devices for running but I would think that running would be harder to track then a weights workout. With that said, I do like the fitbit app especially the calories intake tracking and battery life.

After watching the video and since my usage is for calorie burn. I'm considering buying the apple watch because it seemed to be the second best performer in the test and for the obvious reason of no band 3 in the future.

I hope this helps someone.


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Dec 31, 2012
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All of these fitness devices perform with some variability on different users. They are not medical devices. However they are useful for tracking if you yourself are improving your performance by comparing against past performance. I they are a guide. I.e. on another user the Band might be 40% off and Fitbit spot on.

Some university did a review if I remember and Fitbit were off. I have a feeling Garmin were pretty good.

I replaced my Band 2 with a Fitbit Charge 2. I have seen it be way way off at times of strenuous activity. But it still puts down a benchmark for me to track.

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Feb 24, 2015
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After my MicrosoftBand 2 died, I first went to Garmin Vivosmart3 which I found wildly off for biking, but I have gotten very good results with the Blaze. I have some photos on this album that have similar day (with morning and afternoon bike commute) with Microsoft Band 2, Garmin Viviosmart3 and Fitbit Blaze.

Most of the photos are on the Garmin as that is what I was trouble shooting, but there is one day of Microsoft, and one day of Fitbit.

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