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Microsoft Lumia 640 reset protection lock, how can I bypass it?

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So I bought this phone on Craigslist worked fine then I did a hard reset then it had reset protection on n now I'm stuck n owner sold to me 2 months back with no problem and now I don't know protection password any help


Dec 31, 2012
Contact the seller.

However... Reset Protection is tied to the primary Microsoft Account on the phone, so it strikes me as odd that your account would not list the phone to be reset if you logged in on the phone anytime.

Given the new phone season coming up, perhaps WPCentral should remind people they should visit https://account.microsoft.com/resetprotection before buying a phone.


New member
Feb 22, 2017
So i actually found a lumia 640 it has the reset protection active on it dont know the how to find out who owned it i did run the imei numbers on it and it isnt reported stolen is there anyway around the reset protection does anyone know if windows will remove it or maybe contact the owners give me a email address any help at all or are we dealing with another apple here