MMS not working with Lumia 1020 Windows 10 Upgrade, how can I get it working?

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MMS not working with Lumia 1020 Windows 10 Upgrade

I decided to use the windows insider to get Windows 10 on Lumia 1020 last night. I am on t-mobile using an unlocked phone. After updating to Windows 10, everything worked. However tethering still did not work (an issue with using an AT&T phone in windows 8.1). I did a factory reset. That erased the settings and I no longer had access to messaging or the internet. I went into the cell & sim settings. Selected sim settings and manually set up internet and mms apn. The internet works fine. I can now tether. However, there is a problem with the MMS.

I can send and receive text messages. I can receive photos sent via text. However, I cannot send any text messages that contain photos. It isn't just that the image is not sent/received but the entire message is not received (or perhaps it was never sent.)

As far as I can tell, I have the mms set up correctly. I am using the and for the MMSC URL.

I have tried sending over cell and over wifi. None of the messages get through or sent. There is a messaging option that says allow MMS if no cell data. That was set to off. I turned it on. Still nothing.


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Nov 14, 2012
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Re: MMS not working with Lumia 1020 Windows 10 Upgrade

I've had this same issue, and it is again plaguing me. I reverted to 8.1 a while back and it brought back the use of MMS, but now that I'm on build .164 on my Lumia 929 (ICON) it's not working again. Im on telus, and have used,, and Port 80 as the settings, which worked great in 8.1, but they just don't seem to work in windows 10 whatever I do.


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Sep 2, 2013
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Just figure others could use a hand here, I'm back up with MMS on our 1020.
It's got to do with wireless. I fixed this on my wife's One M8 (also 242) yesterday by flipping "Airplane Mode" on/off a couple of times, presto, the wireless did a sync with the MMS APN, and away it went.
My daughter's 1020 was a bit more stubborn, okay a lot more, I tried a few Nokia tools that "reset" the MMS, flipped the radio on/off, in/out of airplane mode.
It was a hodge-podge, but I'm pretty sure if I'd just kept flipping airplane mode it would've done it too, probably faster too, that's what I'd suggest, just keep flipping it in/out of airplane mode, sending yourself a MMS, rinse/repeat.
Anyway, it's solve-able, but a real pain, particularly on the 1020.

Up until this, there have been zero issues reported on the 1020, and it's been on 10 for about 6 weeks now, my daughter was completely happy with the setup, and I'd use it occasionally on the weekend for some testing.

The truly funny thing is, I ran a couple of speed tests as part of my network check, amongst all of this flipping, and it smoked my 950XL, almost 45Mbps consistent, compared to the 30-35 my 950XL will pull, on a good day. Turns out the Nokia guys really did an awesome job with the chipset and radios/antennas on the 1020 after all...

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