More Xbox one frame rate fail over the PS4....Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


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May 15, 2011
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As I agree, most people wont notice the difference between the 30FPS and 60FPS, it's just the point of it why I called it a FAIL. These are BRAND new consoles that are said that should last 5-8 years at least before the next replacement. This is the start of the life of these consoles, to see systems that are overall very close in specs getting a lot higher frame rate on NEW games is showing possible failure down the line.

These are issues that should of been IRONED out MONTHS before release. This should not be happening on ANY NEXT GEN CONSOLE.


Everyone is going to have a different standpoint here, no question but, this is something that NEEDS to be addressed now before we get into titles that we all really want...

The problem is the only game that even looks "next gen" so far is an Xbox One title. It utterly destroys all other games in comparison for graphics. And its framerate is fine.

And yes, I did play Tomb Raider on my Xbox One. But once again, it's a port. It's a port that's graphically superior to the PC version, true, but it's still a port. Grass and leaves? Still just standing textures. As far as I'm concerned, a game needs to be better or equal to Ryse's graphics (which looks like a freakin' DreamWorks movie) at this point to even be a contender in the graphics race, and as pretty as Tomb Raider is, they're still using old-school, standing texture foliage in the new version.

The "games we really want" down the line, that is, the ones made specifically for these consoles, will not have these issues on ANY system. That's why some of us think this whole debate is hogwash.

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