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Nov 19, 2012
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This is not about a single monitor with multi touch. I mean multiple monitors with touch.

I have three HP Compaq L2105tm monitors that I used with Win7 just fine. All three screens responded to touch independently and while the experience wasn't perfect it suited my needs. I didn't use touch as a major form of input but for the "at a glance" gestures like "Ooh an email" (tap the screen).

Ever since I upgraded to Windows8 (the touch enabled OS) the experienced has suffered badly. Here's why: Touch only works on the center screen (monitor 1)!!! Any touch inputs on screens 2 and 3 register as touch inputs to screen 1. The monitors no longer act independently but instead only affect the primary interface. Holy 1999.... To make matters worse these monitors come highly recommended for use with Windows 8. I bought them specifically knowing someday Windows 8 would be coming and be awesome for touch screens.

I've been waiting patiently for a driver or some other kind of fix but have seen nothing. I also can't find a Google search that doesn't end up with endless articles about single "multiple touch" monitors (where I have multiple multiple touch monitors). Apparently I'm the only person on the planet that actually uses more than one monitor that is touch enabled. So... the questions:

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is anyone else running multiple touch screen monitors? Is there a fix or am I stuck with Windows 8 being WORSE than Windows 7 with regard to touch?

Thanks in advance,

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