My 950XL's battery bulged, Where can i get a replacement battery in India?

Chandra Jetti

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Oct 19, 2016
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Almost 40 days back my 950XL started heating up real quick even for a minutes phone call. I opened the back and noticed that the battery is bulged and did not feel safe to put it back(i can't anyways as it pops out the moment i try inserting it).
Next day Contacted Microsoft service in India and they insisted me to contact the authorised service centre for a replacement battery(was told that battery just has a warranty of just 6 months).
Real problem started then....neither the service centre guys nor the microsoft support have any clue about where to get a genuine replacement battery. It has been 40 days and i still am unable to find the battery and Microsoft support says they are in no way responsible to help me find a battery...pathetic. Googled a lot(stopped using bing now)..but of little or no use. Can anybody please help me in procuring a replacement battery in India?

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