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My days with Lumia 640 XL


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May 23, 2015
So I decided to buy lumia rather say windows phone . For me user experience always had been the best part of any device . previously I had pretty low end devices such as Nokia 1600, two Samsung Guru-s, Sony ericsson cedar (it had multitasking though ), nokia 7210, Micromax A52, Samsung S duos 2 and finally lumia 640 XL. What made me look for other options was unavailability of Android version updates for low to mid range devices. Then after much deliberation ordered this phone as windows 10 was promised had decent camera resolution and myth was that windows os is smooth and less resource intensive. So after the phone came I was ecstatic . But happiness was short lived as I started encountering some issues. For more on those issues http://forums.windowscentral.com/lumia-640-xl/359875-quirky-issues-lumia-640-xl-after-two-days.html I got pretty irritated and decided to return the phone and MS was also not taking WP10 seriously as WP10 previews were pretty upsetting in terms of performance and read loads of reviews on "real performance of windows phone 10 " . Quality of apps irritated me not unavailability of apps . But with loads of leaks of WP10 and ms reallocating developers hope has returned and I held onto my device.
Now I think I am slowly warming up to the ways of Lumia. And according to me WP10 is turning out to be pretty sick and slick . MS have to boost performance given that most of lumias are low end running on SD 200s or SD 400s . So there's still hope for low end devices . Which is sadly not the case of Lumias main competitor. And another idea which excites me is the concept of many devices one os . If MS pulls it off it will be blockbuster of the year :cool:
Any ways that's all about my ownership of lumia which has been kinda mixed bag. Wish you all a good day . Any questions or queries are welcome .
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