My experience with the Pro Clip mount for the Lumia 920


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Jun 19, 2012
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Many on here in the past have expressed a desire for a solid option for a car mount for their Windows Phone, me included. One option which comes up regularly in those conversations seems to be pro-clip. Device Holders and Dashboard Vehicle Mounts*-*ProClip USA

So, when I found myself getting ready for a cross country trip, I decided to take the plunge and purchase one of their mounts for my 920.

To start with, there are several pros. First, it does hold the phone at a very good height and angle for viewing and operation. The location minimizes the time that the driver needs to look away from the road to read the gps, change songs, answer a call, etc. Secondly, the charger works very well and even with heavy use (using the gps and playing music at the same time) it was able to keep the phone fully charged. The phone fits beautifully into the mount, and it holds it in such a way that all of the buttons can be accessed with relative ease.

Now for the cons. The plastic where the tension screw goes in is very weak and is easily stripped out. After installing this per the manufacturers instructions and driving a few times around town, it became apparent that the screw was not staying tight and was working itself loose, perhaps due to vibration, etc. So, I decided to use some loctite and tighten the screw back down so that it would stay in place. This did not work as tightening the screw back down a second time stripped the plastic out so that the threads have nothing to grab onto. My next solution was some glue in between the convex and concave surfaces to hold things in place and to keep them from sliding around. After all, I only really need it to stay in one position anyway. Unfortunately however, because the screw was stripped, it now would not come out which forced me to use some glue designed for plastic surfaces around the edges, and hope it got down in between the the two pieces to hold them tight. This worked for a short time, but did not last beyond my one big road trip. The other major issue is that the mount itself does not stay attached to the vehicle in the manner that it might appear. It is hanging by a small plastic lip, but this is not any sort of semi-permanent solution as it might appear from the pictures, etc.

So, long story short. If you are planning to buy one of these car mounts for your phone, I strongly encourage doing two things: 1) put some epoxy in between the convex and concave surfaces of the ball in socket portion of the mount and then adjust it to the proper angle before tightening the screw and letting the epoxy dry before use; and 2) use the strongest loctite you can find on the screw itself to keep it from vibrating loose while driving. If you do that, things should stay in place for you and then all you have to worry about is the mount staying on your car, which it seems to do as long as you don't mess with it too much.

All in all, the mount has some very good qualities, but I do not feel as if it is worth the money they are charging for it with the issues I have had.

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Mar 31, 2012
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That is a nice review you've done. It will be helpful for other people who might be considering the Pro Clip mount.

I'm sorry to hear that build quality was so flimsy. I'd expect something sturdier for that price.

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