My mic is not picking up any sounds, even though the troubleshooter says it's completely fine.

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Tried to chat with my friend on Discord today, and my mic was doing nothing. I assumed it was a problem within the app itself, but it is not (I've reinstalled, tried running as an admin,etc, and still didn't fix it). I ran the troubleshooter built into Windows, and everything checked out. Went to test the mic, and it's being recognized but not picking up any sound at all. Cortana also cannot hear me. Go to mic setup, and it just plain isn't picking up any audio. I restarted my computer, made sure all my default devices were correct, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, and restarted my computer again and it's still not working. I'm losing my mind!

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop, and the built in mic (realtek audio drivers). Running Win10.

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