My Xbox avatar isn't saving correctly: how do I fix it?

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So I recently updated my avatar on my Xbox 1 cuz I have a new look. I naught the beanie w black shaggy hair (total rip of, Xbox y u no have beanies for free?) and I fixed up my face and height. I also changed my color. When I was done, I saved my avatar. I saved the right way, when ever I click on view profile it has my avatar all nice and updated! However, you know the little head shot of you before u click to view the profile? It never changed! It still has my old avatar and color on it! However, when I go to view profile, it shows my updated guy. I went back, redacted everything, and nothing happened! I shut down my xbox 1 and went to bed. The next day, nothing happened:( it's been like this for a week, I've even unplugged my Ethernet cable and it didn't work! Someone plz haelp! I hate other people seeing my old dorky avatar that looks like crap! Anyone know what to do?

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