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MyTube linked to Edge & Cortana?


New member
Dec 14, 2012
Cortana just suggested that I watch a trailer, which is awesome. But when I click on it she takes me to the YouTube in Edge (as normal)

I was wondering, can I get Edge or Cortana to take me to the MyTube app automatically instead of the YouTube page?

I notice on my Note 5 when I click a YouTube video it takes me to the app. I'd like to do the same thing (but as described above) with my SP4 and/or WP.


Dec 31, 2012
thanks...this is helpful

Reading that a little more, the first rule will break my idea:

To enable web-to-app linking you will need:

  • A JSON file that declares the association between your app (Package Family Name) and your website
    • This JSON file needs to be placed in the root of the host (website) or in the “.well-known” subfolder

Sadly I doubt Google will do that.