Need help with contacts and mango update on HTC Arrive


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Oct 21, 2011
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Hey guys, I have the HTC Arrive from sprint and I am having trouble with my contacts being mixed with facebook or not showing up.

I know there is a way to turn off facebook from showing up in your contacts but I do still want the information synced. So maybe there is a way to help me?

What I want - To have my contact list be just my family and close friends but have the people on facebook have their information linked to them. Example 1 - Look at jimmy's facebook page, add him to my contacts, have all of his info save to his name. Example 2 - Add my father without a facebook account and have him show up in the contact list also.

I have created a group but it doesnt work as nicely as I only see pictures of the people in my group and it doesnt show like a drop down menu with names. Its harder to navigate and pic the names i want to call.

Please can anybody give me some advice. I literally have like 700 friends on facebook so having all of them on there isnt going to help me lol

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