No notifications and apps not appearing in notifications + actions- Nokia Lumia 920 windows 8.1

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A few apps, chiefly textnow and kik, suddenly stopped sending me push notifications, it does not appear on the tile and doesn't inform me until I've opened the app.

I uninstalled and reinstalled them both twice, neither reappeared in the Notifications + Actions section in Settings with messages being sent to them.

I soft resetted, 3 times then did a factory reset twice, first with back-up, the second time with clean slate. Reinstalling twice, with each soft and factory reset...

-nothing is restricted in data sense

-I'd never looked in the battery saving option before, but it does not have the run in background slider that facebook does.

I've ran these apps for over a year now and have had no issue with either until today.

As I am writing this, neither text now nor facebook messenger will load now!

Please help!!

Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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But he is having the issue on Windows Phone 8.1 and not Windows 10. I am getting the same problem on my Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile device since 5-6 days ago

for kik messenger?

There are a few other users in the forums experiencing issues with kik messenger, regardless of OS. So the problem seems to be the app itself and not the OS


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Sep 1, 2016
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Kik app last upgrade for Windows Phone was in February -- and this app was working until 6 days !! I read some other forums and many people have same problem with facebook and messenger , too . I think there are push apps -- I don't know, sorry if it not true. But I wrote for kik team and they told me -- It is not they mistake !! not kik not windows -- then mine maybe ? !