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Nokia 1020: Can't Access Notification Volume


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Nov 15, 2018
Wasn't sure how to delete the following post so I'm adding this edit. Found the problem; it turns out something was in the headphone jack and was bridging the connections, making the phone think a pair of headphones was plugged in. Cleared it out and everything is working fine now.


My 1020 just started acted a bit weird. Previously, the Volume buttons would control speaker volume when playing media or turning Notifications up or down, or Headphones volume when using a Bluetooth earpiece. Pretty standard stuff.

Then suddenly today the Volume controls (button or touchscreen) only control "Headphones" (in 30 step increments) even when Bluetooth is off and nothing is plugged in to the headphone jack. What's also odd is that it's definitely turning Notifications up or down despite it no longer saying "Notifications" and giving me the 10 step increments for that function.

Lastly, I no longer hear the notification chime when I plug the phone in to recharge. So some (not too serious) wackiness is afoot.

I tried a soft reset, no change. I'd rather avoid a hard reset when the only thing really missing at this point is the Recharging chime (that I know of). But if I COULD get things back to normal, that'd be great.

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