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Not receiving text messages...from Verizon customers?


New member
Aug 22, 2015
Hi all,
it seems my 1020 has something against my friends on Verizon, because it refuses to receive their text messages, either SMS or MMS. This began when I was on Straight Talk, and I switched my service to the 1020 from an LG Optimus Showtime that had been on the fritz for a while. All calls came to the 1020, and some texts from some folks--but most texts still came to the LG. The same thing kept happening even when I ported my number to Cricket last month, although the LG is a specifically Straight Talk phone. A few days ago, the LG stopped receiving anything. The problem is, the texts are STILL not coming to my Lumia, and it seems to be just Verizon customers who can't get through to me.
I have tried:
a) Soft reset
b) Hard reset
c) Pulling the sim card
d) Updating anything I can get my hands on
e) Begging and weeping

When I spoke to a Cricket representative, they told me that if it still didn't work after all of the above (excluding, perhaps, the last one), then it was an equipment issue. They told me the port from Straight Talk was complete. They told me to have a good day.

Any thoughts? I'm still trying begging and weeping. That doesn't seem to be working. :crying: