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OK Owners - deep discount, should I jump on it?


New member
Oct 25, 2012
I have an opportunity to get a Surface Studio at approximately 25% off, through the Microsoft Alumni Store (husband used to work there). Should I finally jump the gun, even though tech is a year old at this point? My needs are not such that I need the latest and greatest, but I could greatly benefit from the form factor. I'm primarily wanting for embroidery digitizing, which I'm getting into. The owner of a leading craft embroidery company and fine art embroidery studio just started using one and raved about it during a course I took from him last month. He said his was the lowest end model too (embroidery digitizing doesn't require graphics capabilities anywhere near what something like video editing needs, for example). The ability to do all that work right on the screen instead of relying on a smaller Wacom unit was working out really well for him.
I'd also be using for some Photoshop editing of still images, but nothing too intense. I'm only an amateur/prosumer level photographer, and not into really heavy editing. Certainly nothing 3D, for sure. This sale only runs through the end of this month. With my luck, that means they are introducing new units in October, but for my needs, probably not a big deal (and I've heard no rumors of that anyway).

So any owners out there want to chime in and provide your opinion on going for it? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

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