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OneNote for WP 8.1, why is it missing features that are on Android & iOS?


New member
Oct 29, 2014
On android, you can add new sections besides your "(My Name) Notebook", on the WP version you can't, just your quick notes. Also, you get the feature of finger drawing for quick notes you don't feel like typing. Seems like I left android for a down grade if Microsoft is giving more features to android and iOS than ppl who actually bought their phones...or is an updated version coming in Denim?..


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Jun 17, 2014
You did and it's sickening!! I really wonder why those who attend conventions put on by MS detailing the release of a new OS whether it be PC,TABLET or SMARTPHONE don't get up at some point and ask why does MS leave out features for products that are found on rival OSes on those made for WP and Tablets. I really don't understand why do we the consumer or advocate for the OS don't ask and ask until we're given a suitable reason for their lack thereof and then still ask Y. There can never be any acceptable answer to that because why come out talking about improvements to the OS and yet the apps provided still lack quality and polish. It's amazing how these who make millions in salaries each year are perceived to have the all knowledge and yet find it as the hard as the ? of who made the universe to answer why are you making (self) apps for WP and can't give the users the same experience as those who use the same app on Android or IOS.

In these same conventions is it a no-no to ask how do you MS expect to increase market share and sales of hardware if you keep making less quality apps for your own and top-notch for the rival you're trying to catch. It's like building an engine for your car to race your neighbor and you're giving your neighbor NOS bottles and modding your engine to hopefully catch the one with the NOS in it.


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Nov 14, 2008
WP is low priority for Microsoft, its clearly demonstrated in situations like this that keeps occurring over and over again. Its always ios and android first and then when the update or feature finally hits WP there will be something missing accompanied by some lame excuse as to why. Like the recent onedrive update, WP doesn't have a PIN option for added security but the other platforms do, why? They took the time to give us an android looking port but still managed to leave out features? Its the same story right across Microsoft's apps so really, I think the answer is simply Microsoft doesn't give a toss.

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