ooVoo Windows 10 UWP app: cannot download or find pictures

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hi, I am using the ooVoo UWP in Windows 10 desktop

My contacts send me pictures, I get them and they show up in "My media" in the app

But I cannot save them, and cannot access them outside: no idea where the folder where the pictures are saved is

They are not in the Pictures, Documents, or Downloads folders

Does anyone know how to access them?

Tejas Javery

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Mar 19, 2014
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judging from the kind problem you are facing, I believe it is the app problem, and not the phone.
I have used oovoo myself, but never received an image ever, so don't really know. perhaps the app doesn't allow to save the pics to the gallery just like that. have you tried opening the pic in the app, and looking for an option to save them manually? there should be one. WhatsApp beta has it. it doesn't save images in the gallery too, if the auto save option is off. you can only access the image in the app, or in the gallery only if you save it manually.

just see if you find some option in it.i shall download the app myself and try to find a solution for you. till then, as a workaround, I suggest you take screenshots of those images in your "my media" so that the image gets saved in gallery, but under screenshot section. :)

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