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Organising picture and sound files (photos and music)

Tim Fr

New member
Aug 27, 2016
My Lumia 520 will only order soundfiles and picture files with by 'date'. I put this in inverted commas because the date is often wrong, it tells me, for example, I created a file on 10 October 2015 and modified it in September 2013! The options are order by 'newest' or 'oldest'. Why not by file name, so I can determine the precise order?? I uploaded from my camera the other day and it jumbled all the photos so they were not in the correct order. I also uploaded some music and Bruckner Symphony No 4 Mvt 1 comes after Bruckner Symphony No 4 Mvt 4 - all in reverse wrong order.

Can anyone help? The problem seems to be remedial.

Chintan Gohel

May 23, 2014
I've checked in my phone and the only setting that I can switch on or off is group by date and location

Created data might be the date added to the phone, not necessarily the day it was created.