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Apr 20, 2014
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So, for the past fiew days i thought a little about the whole situation and that stupid messages from MS employees.
Those twitter smudges and ppl on helper forums made one thing clear, that MS is deffinitely hiding something.
First thay stated that we have to rollback, but they are looking into it.... and that becouse of a few lost souls with bitlocker.
Now they are telling us that they have to rewrite something around cyan for every model extra and for every eom extra, but wait....... the poor stupidos with bitlocker still have to rollback....LOL.......AND....we are STILL waiting.
I am allmost sure that they encountered some major ****up, but dont want to tell annything.

And another point of view: they have to modify the software to make it compatible with PfD! That means change......and could also mean that we will get a handycaped update (nothing major, just not excelsior as original)

That is why i showed today my middle finger to MS, rolledback and updated to cyan (and vawed goodbye PfD for good).
I must say that the whole process with nokia recovery tool went butter smooth.
And now i can t believe how many bugs cyan squashed(!!!!!): (lumia 1520) - my phone was a ferrari with PfD; but its a STARSHIP ENTERPRISE with cyan! The camera - improvement massive; u remember the not wanted tap when u scroll - no more, the cracking sound when u fast forwar a video- no more!!, i had skype problems (could just call, when app closed no notifications, nobody could call me) - NO MORE!! :))))

I have to say that i am very very VERY impressed.

So GFY PfD, never again! And WPC guys please dont try to lead us astray again with ur stupid articles about how it is no problem to use PfD and about final version bla bla bla......

Ashish Gupta888

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Mar 12, 2014
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Going for DP was solely your decision, you should not blame anyone else. MS has paused the Cyan for some good and they do want to resolve the issues rather handing over a buggy firmware. Everything in DP works well and guess what it is complete Version of the OS and not beta. You faced issues as 8.1 is not fully compatible with Black firmware and needs Cyan. You should better blame yourself for not understanding the facts and pointing someone for your decision😊
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