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I am having a few problems with my Nokia Lumia 635 phone today.. Is has been giving me messages over past few days saying it was full of memory, however now it will not open any of the following applications:
? Outlook Email
? Phone
? Photos
? Camera
? Messages

It will open apps like:
? Facebook
? Whatsapp
? Internet exp

I connected the phone to the laptop to remove data like photos etc to make space on the memory however when you try to open the Windows Nokia Icon nothing appears. When I right Click on the Icon on the laptop and try to Import Photos and videos a message appears saying an error occurred and element not found.

I have turned the phone on and off about 6 times, and did a Soft reset about 6 times. I also uninstalled lots of Apps and made lots of extra space on the phone however none of these actions have fixed the problem!

Have you encountered this before? Any suggestions?

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