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Please vote for easier Rotation Lock access idea! (Maybe Brightness/Wifi too)


New member
Nov 24, 2012
I would prefer to push and hold on the screen while rotating the phone. It would know you want to hold the image and not auto-rotate. Very simple.

Sabre Wulf

Jun 13, 2013
Hooking into phone settings from the volume slide down, or any other parts of the phone other than app tiles is only something Microsoft can make. Developers can only make use of the APIs available to them, and in this respect the closest you can get is a pinnable tile to take you to the setting for screen rotation. I have submitted an app to do this, for 9 phone settings including screen rotation. This is actually all settings that are available to developers. I will let you know when its in the store.


New member
Mar 1, 2012
Other platforms have this.

Personally i think it looks ugly, it would offend me looking at this on the volume bar, but i suspect at some point they'll copy everyone else :(