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Podcast App on Icon


New member
Feb 24, 2014
I don't know if this is better in the Icon forum or in the Windows Phone 8.1 forum, but I am posting it in Icon forum for now because I don't know if it is an Icon specific issue. I just recently started using the podcast app that is built into the phone. I love it and it is super simple to use. But I have found that sometimes when I listen to a podcast that takes a while to listen to- maybe several trips in the car, multiple phone calls in between, etc.- that when the episode ends, the only way I can get any response from the app for changing podcasts or episodes is to completely restart my phone. I don't wan to have to do this on a daily or semi-daily basis. Has anyone else run into this on the Icon or other phones, and is there a solution?

For reference, I am generally listing with a wire plugged in to headphone jack, but occasionally also listening via bluetooth headset.


New member
Jul 16, 2014
I use the Podcast app regularly and never had this problem. Maybe be you need to do an uninstall and reinstall.

Michael Bromley

New member
Dec 19, 2012
the only way I can get any response from the app for changing podcasts or episodes is to completely restart my phone.

Yes, I had similar troubles w/ the podcast app getting stuck altogether or delaying while showing "updating podcasts." My experiences/observations:
- it might have been related to moving in/out of the wifi at my house
- it seemed to impact streamed podcast episodes more than downloaded ones.
- I have a lot of podcasts (20 or so), so the updating was most likely the cause.
- I keep a large music library, so my Icon generally has less than 1 gig free space which can just make things not work as they should.

So, my guess is that for me it was a storage/wifi issue. My solution was to turn off auto updates on podcasts I don't listen to very often and to delete (sad face here) some music that I don't listen to much. (I would love another 30 gig on this phone!!!), and I haven't been troubled by this ever since.

Hope it's stopped acting up on you. If not, maybe this will help.

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