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Poor memory allocation for browsing. I confirmed myself. Except this all is well.


New member
Nov 6, 2014
What is the cache memory allocated for web site browsing through internet explorer in Lumia 630 Dual SIM phone?

I found a problem while browsing a secured site (https://trade.rsec.co.in/) after log in, if I browse one more site in a new tab and again coming back to my secured site it refreshes automatically because of that it also expires my session. (Because it reloads that site which is not supported as it is the case of secured site and eventually I have to re log in)

If I load only mentioned secured site and not browsing any other site with this if I reload the same site after 10 minutes, It reloads without any problem. if i do along with some other web site then my session expires in my already logged in site.

I think this may be due to low cache memory allocation for browsing, because of that it tries to reloads.

Can anybody explain and give solution to this