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My Dell laptop has been running on Windows 10 for a long time now. I was being prompted to restart to install an update, but since I was currently working on a project I "scheduled for tomorrow." I suddenly had to walk away from computer, didn't shut down, just closed laptop. An hour later I opened it again and the laptop was immediately in this loop of restarting then saying "preparing automatic repair" with the windows icon, then go to a backlit black screen, then after several minutes (like 15 min) it changes to the Windows icon and says "diagnosing your PC." Then (after another 15 min) it says "Repairing disk errors. This may take over an hour to complete" THEN, After another several minutes I get a blue screen with a big :( saying more negative crap with the stop code "unmountable boot volume" then it restarts automatically and loops through the same stuff. I have tried following what every single forum and YouTube video says to do "to completely shut down 3 times to get the advanced option troubleshooting menu." I have literally powered down, removed battery, then rebooted 16373728 times and still do not get the advanced options to be able to restart in safe mode. This is the second laptop that has suddenly crashed without any prior notifications or issues while using windows 10! What is happening?!?!?!?!?!


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Dec 22, 2014
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In my opinion, your Dell has too many problems to look for an easy way out.
I would do a Clean Install to start fresh, no left-over baggage.

However, you did ask to go to "safe mode". So, I'll start from that:

1. Use a working computer and download the Win 10 iso file from Media Creation Tool.
Make sure you select the same Edition, Language and Bit-version your Dell is using.

2. Burn the downloaded iso file to a bootable media (DVD or USB). I prefer DVD.

3. go to your Dell Computer. Assuming it is shut off.
Turn it on and immediately tapping your F2 key.
That will get you to Setup. ( If it does not, repeat #3 again until it does).
In the Setup, pick Boot and set it to boot from CD/DVD or USB, depending which bootable media you have.

4. Insert your bootable media > restart computer.

5. Pick your Language > click Next

6. Bottom left, click Reapir this PC

7. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup settings > right side, click the Restart button.

8. You now have a list of Safe Mode to choose from. Select with the number key.

9. In Safe Mode, back up files you want to keep to an external media. Important to do that if you end up needing to do a Clean Install.

Do whatever you have planned to do in safe mode. When done, exit safe mode and see if you can boot to your normal mode without the vicious repair loop.

If you are back to normal mode, you are done.
If you are back to the vicious repair cycle, please post back for Clean Install instructions.

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