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Problem with pulling down the notification center

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Hello guys! I have a rather strange problem in my Windows 10 Lumia 640 LTE phone. The problem is that I can't pull down my notification center. The biggest problem is that it's not a touch screen problem, because when the phone is locked and I am in the lock screen I can pull it down, but when I unlock it and go to start screen and everywhere else, I can't pull the notification center down...I have already tried soft resetting the phone, but nothing happened. Any suggestions??


New member
Jul 10, 2012
It could be a software bug. Have you tried performing a soft reset? If not I would suggest doing that first. If a soft reset doesn't work, then a hard reset might be your second option. If that doesn't work then restoring to factory using Windows Device Recovery Took might be the last option before sending it for repair.

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