PSA: Launcher Issue fix.


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Apr 2, 2020
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If you are having trouble starting/opening the Minecraft Launcher after its most recent update, please read the following.

If you are unable to start the projects in thane Minecraft Launcher, right now there is no proper Fix for the issue. But I am seeing a few people that got a workaround working. Keep in mind this method is not the most recommended as it may interfere with the normal launcher once the issue is resolved, so make a backup of your .minecraft folder. 1 bhk in dombivli

Then right click the launcher real estate marketing consultants shortcut and select Properties. Go into the compatibility tab and turn on Compatibility Mode, set it to Windows Vista. Then hit Apply and OK. This will run a legacy launcher. Launch the game here once, then close the game and launcher (If you get stuck with a message that says "Prepairing" you can also just close it all out). Turn off compatibility mode, the current launcher should redownload itself and work.

So far this has worked for most of the users with the issue in the #minecrafthelp IRC channel. Let me know if you get any different results.
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