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[Review] Aukey Keyboard Showdown


VR Expert
Jul 3, 2009

As part of the #TeamTECHKEY program, Aukey sent me 2 of their mechanical keyboards to review. They sent the KM-G6 104 key LED-Backlit Mechanical Keyboard and the KM-G9 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard. I'm going to compare them in this review.

First up is the KM-G6. In the package was the keyboard, a key removal tool, the manual, and the famous 24 month warranty/support card with Aukey Key sticker! The keyboard itself is constructed of mostly hard plastic. It also has a set of rubber feet, that work well, and are attached solidly. The mechanical keys also appear well made, are backlit nicely, and produce a VERY satisfying click when pressed. The keyboard has multiple light patterns, and support popular gaming key layouts. It also has the ability to set 2 custom patterns. Also included are MANY keyboard shortcuts with the FN key.

Next is the KM-G9. Again in the package was the keyboard, a key removal tool, the manual, and the 24 month warranty card. This keyboard is also VERY solidly constructed of mostly hard plastic, and has rubber feet. This keyboard is very compact, as it does not have the number keypad on the side. Also missing is any kind of backlight. Keys are solidly constructed and produce that same satisfying click. As with the KM-G6, this keyboard also has many FN shortcuts. It's a bit lighter than the KM-G6.

Both keyboard have excellent manuals written in several languages, and are comprehensive. Build quality is excellent on both. And of course both include Aukey's excellent 24 month warranty as well as support. Support options include email as well as social media, and are clearly listed on the warranty/support cards as well as the manuals.

The differences are primarily in size, and of course the backlight of the KM-G6. The KM-G6 is bigger and heavier, BUT includes that excellent programmable backlight. The KM-G9 is lighter and more compact. Its excellent in setups with limited space.

You can't go wrong with either keyboard! If space is at a premium, then get the KM-G9, BUT if you are a serious gamer, then it's the KM-G6 you want!