Rich Capture is Broken, can I fix it?

Zachary Boddy

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Aug 3, 2014
Rich Capture is Broken

Phone: Nokia Lumia 830 on AT&T
Build: Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 10586.164

I love my Lumia 830's camera. For the price it's a fast, accurate, detailed camera capable of capturing some incredible pictures. Features like the physical camera shutter, OIS, and manual controls only sweeten the deal. Windows 10 Mobile only continues the trend Windows Phone 8.1 started of providing me with an intuitive and beautiful camera interface, complete with advanced and unique features such as Rich Capture and Dynamic Flash. However, it would appear that Windows 10 Mobile has broken Rich Capture for me, or at least the Photos application has. If I take a photo with Rich Capture turned on and attempt to edit the lighting in the Photos app, the Photos app acts like nothing happened. Nothing loads, nothing crashes, it just continues starting at the photo. I can try tapping the giant "Choose the best lighting" button and it simply minimizes the interface. If I press "Edit" in the ellipsis menu then "Choose the best lighting for your photo" it simply closes the edit menu and acts like nothing happened. This has happened with more than one Rich Capture photo.
The problem doesn't stop there, however. Not only can I not take advantage of Rich Capture and edit my photos, I can't zoom into Rich Capture photos either. They also look less defined and sharp than non-Rich Capture photos, as if they haven't loaded properly. Soft resets and restarting the application does nothing, and the problem has persisted across days. I've already posted this issue in Windows Feedback but that's hardly going to give me an immediate or even fast response. I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue and, more importantly, if anyone had found a workaround? I currently have three Rich Capture photos and all three of them have the potential to be really beautiful but they're ruined by a broken camera/Photos application.
Oh, one more issue I've noticed. The photos in question don't look like they've uploaded to OneDrive, either.


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Oct 31, 2014
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Re: Rich Capture is Broken

If you check the photo detail you will probably see they are lower res than they should be. Same problem on my 1520 sometimes. Saving to phone rather than SD card seems to help as a workaround.

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