Should I go Windows Phone 10, I need your advice


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Nov 12, 2012
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For starters, I've been a big fan of Windows Phone for years. I had Windows Mobile phones for years and then got the Omnia 7 as soon as it came out and then upgraded to the HTC 8X when released and still up until last week.

However I found myself frustrated with the HTC 8X. You see I work for a telecommunication company and get half price line rentals and they only seem to offer the Lumia 650 and basically looking at the spec, wasn't any better than my 8X and so I've stuck with it.

Recently I "upgraded" to the Samsung S7 Edge and I found some features fantastic and some I found annoying but I find the layout of feel of the phone to be horrid. I love and miss seeing all my useful information on my home screen.

I'm trying to find out if something like the Lumia 950 or 950XL has similar features I found on the Android device. All the reviews of the for Windows Phone 10 are from when the 950 and 950XL first came out but the OS has evolved since then but I cant find any reviews more recent reviews. So I was hoping users of these devices can tell me if the features I liked about the Android device are now on Windows Phone 10 or has alternatives or something better.

Call baring and filtering. I know Android had this when Windows Phone 8.1 didn't. Today I got a call on the S7 Edge and it actually said warning possible scam on the screen. I didn't answer it and when searched for the number it was one of the "I heard you had a car crash" numbers. Does Windows Phone 10 have something similar?

Sat-Nav. The Google Maps directions was very good as good as if not better than the dedicated SatNav I have. There were also other options with Here being free and a couple of paid SatNav applications. I know about MS stupid reasons for dropping Here support, but are there any alternatives? I have CoPilot on my 8.1 phone and frankly found it rather useless.

Apps, I know that the MS Store has been poor at best but my regular reading of the news from my Windows Central app seems that its just going to get worse. Is that the case? Personally I thought the universal app may sound a good idea but is pointless, there are very few applications you would want to run on a phone, PC and console. SatNav on your PC or XBox any one?

Web-browsing: On my windows 8.1 I was tired of websites saying my device is not supported, while on my Samsung S7 Edge, everything worked and worked very quickly. Are the Lumia 950 and 950XL much better for using the web?

These are just a few things I want to know. I may either hand my Samsing S7 Edge back and source a 950 else where, or sell the S7 Edg and use the money to get a 950.


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Jun 11, 2013
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get a 640 for testing, they go for around 30-50$ at ebay unlocked, then you can decide if you want to go for the 950, which sits at around 300$ on ebay today, but to put it simply, this is windows 10 mobile, not windows phone 10, so you better make sure you understand what that entails going forward, whatever made you like the 8x other than the start screen is probably gone now, w10m is not an "upgrade" over wp8.1, it is more of a new beginning or a sidegrade for the time being

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