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Simple Windows Phone 8 question


New member
Jan 17, 2011
I bought the original Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7. Loved the phone. Battery life wasn't too bad either.

The one thing that turned me off from the phone, however, was the inability to have two email accounts on the phone WITH DISTINCT SOUNDS FOR EACH ACCOUNT.

I run two businesses, and have two email accounts. I wanted to have one sound for one account and one sound for the other account. I couldn't do it.

Is this rectified for Windows Phone 8?



New member
Jul 31, 2011
There are so many simple things Microsoft needs to do.

-Per account/contact sounds(vibration types, length, 3 buzzes etc)
-Search button on phone be contextual (click search in app to search in app, not open the search app, subsequently potentially losing all your data)
-WiFi sleep options