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Snag It wont let me shut down my computer.


New member
Nov 1, 2014

I use a program called Snag It quite often on my desktop. So it automatically starts up.

However, when I shut down my computer - it won't let automatically as it prompts to the effect of 'cannot shut down - Snag it is running, shut down any ways' if I don't respond - the computer stays on.

I want my computer to shut down right away and not have to be prompted. Snag It is standalone. Nothing needs to be saved.

Any way around this - and for other applications - like a force shutdown?

Using W10


Mr. V


Trusted Member Team Leader
Aug 19, 2013
If it were me, I would kill the auto startup, and pin it to my taskbar. Makes it easily accessible, and if it is running, there should be a line under it to remind you it need to be closed.

As for a workaround, I am not sure.