So many builds later yet this bug remained unsquashed


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Sep 23, 2015
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I'm a 640 LTE user on 1511 and I have been reporting this bug a few times already but it seems that it's just not worth their while. I know the team has been constantly busy on major bugs and items but I like to believe that they could atleast have done something about this by now. I'm pertaining to the customized text alert tone bug. To describe it, again, it's when you set a customized message alert tone for a specific contact and also set another customized alert tone for messaging in general then your tone for that specific contact gets overridden; when that contact sends you a message you hear the customized message alert tone for general messaging instead of the one you set for that specific contact. Sad, right? I don't know if it's just my unit, or it's just me,but I've done several resets especially after new builds but I still don't get it to work as it should.
Can anybody else confirm this for me, please?
My 640 is not perfect but windows 10 mobile just made it awesome, I'm just saying. :)

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