So now Mango is here, time to crank up the games development


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Jun 22, 2011
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This is Shadowgun. It's a brand new iOS game that, despite its stunning looks, runs great on an iPhone 3GS - that's hardware older and slower than the oldest WP7 phone, and with a lower resolution screen:

Shadowgun Review | Touch Arcade

And this isn't even a great game - it has bugs and problems. But seriously, look at it. I can't think of anything on WP7 that comes close. In fact, I can't think of a decent TPS or FPS on WP7 at all. Why the heck isn't there a WP7 exclusive Gears of War game out? Why?

WP7 may not be the market share leader, but there are still over 2 million WP7 users. Sell just 1% of those users a game at ?3 and that's 60,000. I seriously can't understand it. With the xbox live integration, MS should be selling this as the gamer's phone of choice and pouring money into development - instead, everything goes to iOS first and then filters down to Android. And even Android has gamer-specific devices (and I've tried an Xperia Play, and it's horrible - but at least it exists). Where's the MS-backed top of the line xbox phone a la Google's Nexus S?

If there's one thing tempting me back to an iPhone, it's games. Not apps - there may be fewer, but there's some seriously good ones. Not hardware - sure, something a bit sexier and a higher-res screen would be nice, but it isn't a deal breaker. And certainly not the OS - Mango is seriously great and well on par with iOS and Android now. But as far as games go, we're YEARS behind and show no signs of catching up.



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Jan 18, 2011
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iOS is the first choice for game development for a few reasons. First, the number of users. Second, the underlying hardware and screen resolutions are fairly consistent across iOS devices. But probably most important is that the iPad is such a great gaming platform. Shadowgun was made for the iPad, and iPhone users happen to benefit from that. When a WP7 or Win8 tablet comes to market, it should spur game development in the same way that the iPad has for iOS.

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Sep 22, 2011
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assassins creed and the harvest were great games and i am sure that there are more coming up now that mango is released. just be patient you will have what u want in due time

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