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Apr 20, 2016
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Hello everyone! If you happen to be in the market or have a few minutes to spare take a look at my review over the Mpow bullfight headphones.

Here's the video review if you don't read.

The Mpow Bullfight are a unique set of stereo Bluetooth headphones made with many current features. Inside the box the headset comes with a spare pair of earbuds a USB charging cable, and a manual to walk you through the features. When it comes to the construction the Bullfight headphones are so light weight I tend to forget I even have them on!

Some of the great features they offer is Bluetooth 4.1, the ability to pair to two devices at the same time and the fantastic Honeywell magnets. The fancy magnetic used allow you to play/pause and hang-up/answer calls all by attaching the two magnetic ends together. Mpow rates the battery life at seven hours, which I had no issues reaching this time and then a little more. The ability to pair to two different devices together allows you to keep your work and your personal phone in check without having to have separate things out. And when it comes to design, even though the shape of the Bullfight is a little different than most, they are surprisingly very comfortable with little to no fatigue.

For testing I played Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, podcasts and phone calls.

Overall the Bullfight headphones have become my daily drivers. The sound quality is by far comparing to many different brands and prices. Highs are very crisp, bass is amazing, and now I can hear every little sound. The only downside I had was when I turned it up all the way my wife could hear every part of the song, which as a whole is a very small downside. Podcast voice and phone calls were above par, no issues understanding the person and they could hear everything I said while walking around the house and keeping the phone in a single location.

While the Bullfight headphones seem similar to Mpow Magneto they are tow different breeds. The Bullfight headphones seem to be for the average person, in side use, office ect. While the Magnetos are geared towards the outdoors first and average person second. For the consumer and the company this is a great method to help each customers needs. Now that the Bullfight headphones are my daily sets they are worth every penny and I would have no issue recommending them to anyone!

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