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Jul 27, 2008
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lynnpreston said:
The TouchPro is not really a problem... in the sense that, I am using a TouchPro with a RedFly, and they work perfectly together.

Opera 9.5 is a problem, because it draws directly to the screen. It by-passes the operating system and, in doing so, by-passes the RedFly driver.

The problem with huge fonts... applications are just not built to cope with font-sizes suddenly changing. Especially applications that are already running (like the Today screen). Even if they could cope, all the artwork for icons is too big (like the Windows logo for the start-menu, for example). Hence you get the "Fisher Price" look.

If I understand right, the Sprint branded variant doesn't work at all with the old drivers. Why that is, I have no idea. But Celio seem to have that fixed.

I'm afraid that solving the "Fisher Price" issue, without reducing application compatibility, will be extremely difficult (and might not be possible).

I still don't get why my HTC Titan on WM 6.1 worked perfectly without the Fisher Price issue, but the Touch Pro proves to be so different. It can't be a problem inherent in the OS or the applications since the "same OS" and same applications worked fine with the RedFly and Titan. I know WM is heavily customized for each device with all sorts of complicated drivers, so saying the same OS is a bit of an exaggeration.

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