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Storage save location not visible in windows 10 mobile version 1511 OS build 10.0.10581.0


WPCentral Question

I just upgraded lumia 640xl to windows 10 mobile version 1511 OS build 10.0.10581.0
after my device does not display save locations
1. New apps
2. new downloads
3. Musics
4. Pictures
5. Videos

in either local drive or SD card. I have even downgraded to 8.1 and was able to select where to save downloaded picture,new apps etc. But when I upgraded to OS build 10.0.10581.0 I was able to see the icons for New apps, new downloads, new musics, videos etc but I does not display any local drive or SD card to selected.


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
As a ray of hope, Gabe has also tweeted that this issue has been fixed in the next build, which we are expecting very soon. Perhaps today, perhaps later.