Straight Talk Sim card nightmare (nokia icon) couldnt switch sim numbers or revert to old (expired)


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Dec 10, 2013
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I just wanted to pass along my mini story about issues i've had in the last day or so in dealing with straight talk and their activation kits (sim cards).

My fiance and I had a few old nokia phones.. an 820 and nokia 1020.. migrated to a nokia icon, two of them (which is verizon).. the old phones were using at&t sim cards.

With the nokia icon 929 i guess short of losing LTE and only being on 3g, as i had read online, we really couldnt just stick with an ATT sim card.. So i went and bought to of the byop cdma kits from the straight talk website.

On the 1020, i had no issues getting it transfered.. i gave them the number off the ONLY card that came in the first kit.. a nano sim.

On the 820 to nokia icon.. i ran into an issue, granted partly my fault. I apparently gave them the sim card number off the larger regular sim by accident.. not the nano.. for some reason the other kit came with TWO sim cards and two numbers.
We couldnt figure out why the second phone wouldnt activate/get service, despite them saying they activated the new sim card number. I call back the next day and find out that i had given the larger sim number by mistake.

Then for over an hour on hold with them, they tell me that they cant switch the sim card numbers in the system because they are expired on BOTH cards. The nano hadnt even been used yet.. I asked to speak to a manager.. no good... same run around..

Then i figure, ok fine.. lets re-activate the old sim card from the old phone (att) sim.. i figured it was still in the system, they should be able to just put it back on.. NO.. they cant do this, they said you need to buy a NEW kit to re-activate the old phone.. cant re-use the sim card.. how ridiculous..

So at this point on the second phone we are out of luck until straight talk sends a NEW kit.

Its a horrible system they have going on over there.. in that they send you a kit with two sim cards and i guess if you use one, it invalidates them both if you screw up and give them the wrong number.

Has anyone else ever ran into this issue.. and is it accurate to say that if you have an old phone with an old sim card, they cant just switch back to that combo, not without a new sim card in the old phone? (seems crazy)

I should also mention, i had an issue with no data on the first icon that is working.. i had to contact straight talk and have them do a "push" to my phone and then the data worked. No apn settings have been needed for internet or mms at this point.


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Oct 30, 2012
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I did try to jump from T Mobile to AT&T some time back once by myself with sim activation kit and ended up in a situation where both my card lost signals. I called up customer service and both of them couldnt see the number in their system. I rushed to near by AT&T store and they said the number portability request never came in their system. Finally somehow they could manage to give me same number on a new sim card since the number got released to 'a pool' after about 30 mins!! Lesson learnt was never try to do such things during off physical store hours, on call support might not be of any use.

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