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Stuck on spinning gears...think I'm bricked, need help lol

Nov 20, 2012
So I had windows 10 tech preview running and decided to a factory reset. That screwed something up because now it has been stuck on spinning gears. It shows the Progress bar loading and then it fully completes before giving me a sad face. And then restarts the phone to continue the process over again.

1. How to fix this? Could I use the Lumia recovery tool? I am without my surface so I haven't been able to try

2. Is there anyway to fix this without having recovery access.

. I actually planned to return this phone back to walmart tomorrow lol. If I tell them the phone was freezing and restarting , I wonderWill they let me return it. Ha

3. If I do return it, would all my stiff be out of it presently? I did the factory reset and it said goodbye and is stuck on the gears. So is my data out now?

(yes I am well aware it being a tech preview. I've never had this issue before with windows 10....this happened once on my 920 but it fixed itself somehow)


New member
May 26, 2014
I had this today as well, I just downloaded recovery tool, back to 8.1 using down and power buttons
Nov 20, 2012
Afraid so, typing on 8.1 now, I decided to restore mine due to win 10 store not loading
If I decide to try and return it with it still bricked, do you think my data and stuff is out of it now. I assume when they go to try and fix it they will then do the same type of recovery which should reset it

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